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When you purchased your new or second-hand Volkswagen, you expect it to be a top performer with the great fuel consumption it is known for. Unfortunately, it is not always the case, as the manufacturer adopts a one map fits all policy.

A single map across the board for all Volkswagen vehicles that should be considering climate, fuel quality, emissions, etc. Instead, you have a vehicle ECU that isn’t optimized for your situation. Volkswagen remapping Leeds reads your car engine’s map file, modify the map and then upload it to the ECU.

Our Volkswagen remapping Leeds experts consult with each car owner to find out individual requirements and what you want to achieve with Purple Dot remapping. Remapping experts tailor the map and upload it back to the Volkswagen ECU.

What you will achieve with Purple Dot, Leeds remapping is improved fuel economy as well as extra torque and power for a smooth and flexible drive. With Volkswagen remapping Leeds, expect a fine-tuned program that updates and upgrades an engine’s performance.

Benefits of getting a Volkswagen remap by Purple Dot

You can expect fewer drivability issues like hesitation issues and flat spots with the increased torque for an enjoyable, more responsive drive. Purple Dot Volkswagen remapping Leeds gives vehicle owners individual performance without compromise with dedicated performance remapping.

Throughout the remapping from stage one through to stage three, our expert’s custom writes your Volkswagen software in-house, custom to your vehicle. Purple Dot professionals are passionate about ensuring that each Volkswagen we tune is performing to its ultimate potential.

During stage one Volkswagen remapping, the engine management is reprogrammed with Purple Dot’s custom development. It is a 100% reliable, transformed performance and increased fuel efficiency remapping stage which we back with dyno sheets to prove the quality and validity of our Volkswagen remapping.
Car owners that require a more advanced remapping for Volkswagens, choose our stage two remapping. This remapping stage builds on stage one with the addition of upgraded inlet and/or exhaust. If you drive a petrol Volkswagen, it could be a cat-back system and modified intake or a modified exhaust when driving a Volkswagen diesel.

During stage three, is Volkswagen remapping taking a big leap towards top performance with upgraded engine components and turbo. During stage three vital engine parts like fuel pump, rods and pistons, camshafts or turbocharger, etc. are changed.

Contact our experts today to book your remap in Leeds

Our experts perform remapping on any Volkswagen manufactured since 1999 as all cars manufactured after this date have an engine control unit known as an ECU, which is an on-board computer. Contact us for a quote to improve your car’s performance.

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