Performance & Economy Remapping

Professional performance car tuning and remapping services in Leeds

Purple Dot offer remapping and tuning in Leeds that boosts power and can improve economy.

We have many years of experience working on road cars and track cars, customising the service to make sure your vehicle is tuned to match your driving style.

At Purple Dot we have a strenuous research and development program and strive to produce the highest quality software calibrations specific to your needs. Our team have years of experience in automotive software engineering and our global network ensures expert assistance in all our development projects. More than 90% of our calibrations are developed on a 4-wheel-drive belt linked dynamometer which ensures the most efficient software possible for a wide variety of vehicles such as Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche. The chances of already re mapping a car similar to yours is very strong.

Stage 1 – High Tech Engine Remapping

The Stage 1 ECU upgrade is an expertly produced software calibration where all engine parameters are adjusted to ensure individual components such as injectors and turbocharger are running at their most efficient whilst working within their own manufacturers recommended specifications. This software calibration is the result of 100’s of hours of dyno development and both on road and dynamometer stress testing before being released as a commercial product.

Stage 2 – Uprated Parts For Performance Remapping

For those looking to further develop their vehicle our Stage 2 ECU upgrade requires the application of uprated parts. This can include large bore exhausts, intercoolers and injectors allowing our technicians to apply further levels of tune safely.

Stage 3 – Performance Remapping

For the performance minded seeking the most from their vehicle our Stage 3 ECU calibration is the answer. With the application of more extensive hardware modifications in tandem with the dynamometer calibrations your vehicle will be completely transformed. Feel like you need more? Contact us to discuss your needs.

Power & Economy Improving Remapping

Specifically for diesel models and optimised to fully complement the heavily government invested Economy style of motoring, the calibration concentrates on producing increased torque below 3500rpm providing a significant improvement in lower to mid rev range torque yet bias towards the fuel conscientious driver whilst ensuring your new adopted driving style is more enjoyable.  With our software installed on your vehicle the carbon and particulate emissions will be reduced and significant improvements in fuel consumption will be realised, in some cases by up to 15%.

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