Performance & Economy Remapping

Our performance and economy remapping services are the best around and guaranteed to increase both the power and efficiency of your vehicle.

Remap your vehicle for great results, fast! You will notice so many benefits from the moment you start the engine and, over time, remapping can save you money on fuel since your MPG is improved.

Professional performance car tuning and remapping services in Leeds

Purple Dot offer remapping and tuning in Leeds that boosts power and improves economy.

We have many years of experience working on road cars and track cars, customising the service to make sure your vehicle is tuned to match your driving style.

Get in touch with our team to arrange an economy remap today with our tuning specialists

If you would like to find out more about remapping your car, please call us on 01274 061 484 or get in touch online and we will be happy to discuss your remap requirements.

Road & Track Car Performance Specialists

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Driver Development and Coaching

With over 40 years’ of experience within International Motorsport, our team can create and deliver bespoke driver development plans from trial test days at UK circuits to racing in the DTM!

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Perfomance Plan

Consult with our motorsport trained technicians to create a perfectly engineered solution for your 
vehicle and driving style, all within your available budget.

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