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A vehicle known for speed, power and drivability is a Porsche, yet vehicle owners expect more from their Porsche. Purple Dot Porsche remapping Leeds focuses on enhancing Porsche performance through custom reprogramming. With over ten years’ experience, we specialize in remapping one of the fastest vehicles to give drivers the ultimate Porsche performance and fuel economy.

Purple Dot remapping technicians are qualified, and IMI certified to be experts in their field. You will experience enhanced drivability, typically 10% improved diesel economy, safer overtaking with increased throttle response and between 20 to 35% added horsepower and torque.

Why choose Purple Dot for your Porsche remap in Leeds

Whether you want smoother gains across the rev range, a broader power band, more torque, higher power or simply increased fuel economy from your Porsche, Purple Dot, Leeds has the capability and knowledge to reshape the characteristics of your engine around the way that you prefer to drive.
Our experts do this by working with as opposed to against the original engine system. If you are not satisfied or prefer to return your Porsche back to its original state, it can be done too. Porsche remapping Leeds is the answer to our customers who care about the quality and performance of their Porsche.

We custom make and tailor most of the changes throughout the rev range by altering numerous perimeters that other remapping technicians neglect to do. Every Porsche remapping completed is vehicle specific and we do not own or use a database system that is standard across the board. We choose the right and best remapping tune for specific vehicles instead of using a close-enough, generic remapping.

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When your Porsche does not perform as you expected, you are bored with its performance or it feels gutless, do not consider buying another faster and better performing vehicle before speaking to Purple Dot’s remapping experts for Porsche. Do not stress about the fuel economy of your Porsche as we have remapping options that address power, performance and fuel economy for Porsche.

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