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VerbaCom Professional -Wireless communication system -Car to Pit Headset with aeriels & 12V supply


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Verbacom is the very first communication system via telephone for competitors and offers circuit racers a very simple and lightweight system which is easy to use, with no need for radio licensing, but offering full communication around normally difficult circuits like Donnington, Spa and Le Mans!!

The basic system consists of the following:

1 x Bluetooth Optimised Telephones

1 x GSM unit

1 x Pit Crew Headset with push to talk and noise cancelling microphones

Noise cancelling and voice activated driver connection module and cables

1 x External Ariel

All chargers and carry case

During a race the car and technician are continually connected. When the technician wants to talk to the car they press the PTT button on the side of the headset. In order for the driver to make contact they just talk as their voice activates the line. Thanks to the digital noise cancelling the technician does not hear any of the background noise coming from the car. The VerbaCom system is fully automated and once a call is set up it will automatically re-connect, should a call be lost, with no need for driver or pit crew to do anything.

The main GSM unit (1) can be installed anywhere in the car and powered directly from the car battery. (110gr 80x60x30mm) The main GSM unit also features an internal battery that ensures 1h communication when the car is switched off and starts recharging automatically when the car is switched on. The external aerial (2) ensures maximum reception. Professional wiring (3) for connection to the helmet. The drivers bluetooth module (4) controls volume. The switch (5) turns the system ON and OFF.

The Verbacom Pro is available in three options:

CQ0005 – 1 x Pit Headset & 1 x Car Kit

CQ0006 – 2 x Pit Headset & 1 x Car Kit (This option allows the main headset to communicate directly with the car, and seperately communicate with the second pit headset. The second headset cannot communicate with the car)

CQ0007 – 1 x Pit Headset & 2 x Car Kit (This option allows sperate communication between two race cars from the one headset)

Please note that all parts of the Verbacom system come with european 2 pin plug. To charge the items in the uk a 2 to 3 pin adaptor will be required.

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