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Nobody can argue that a DSG gearbox remains one of the finest auto gearboxes. Few other gearboxes can change gears in a fraction of a second while predicting the next move you are going to make. This masterpiece of engineering, however, is like any other OEM system, it is restrictive.

DSG remapping Leeds specialists work with you and custom design remapping for DSG that effectively removes all restrictions. When you are a performance-minded driver, you expect more and that is where Purple Dot DG remapping comes in to adjust and fine-tune settings to compliment your driving.

Purple Dot Leeds remapping offers a custom-developed range of calibrations and went further by developing our DSG remapping to give you several options. For diesel and petrol applications, our calibrations allow you to specify the options you prefer with exact requested values.

DSG Remapping Leeds alters options like:

Faster shift speeds – experience a 20% increased shift speed which improves acceleration by reducing lag. With faster shift speeds the paddle-shift response time is improved while the transition between gear changes are smoother.

Increased torque limiter – when our experts tune the engine management system, the torque limiters are automatically increased, however, it works differently when your vehicle has a DSG gearbox as the engine output is immediately limited via the torque limiter that is set within the DSG module. Therefore, are we raising the DSG torque limiter that will be matching the engine torque output.

Launch control – while it is model specific, we can activate launch control. Vehicle owners experience an increased fun factor with a reduced 0-60 second time for a perfect launch.

Shift set points and RPM limits – our specialists adjust the shift set points and RPM limits, in sports and drive mode. When we adjust the RPM limiter when it is part of an engine ECU remapping, it is not adequate on a vehicle equipped with a DSG gearbox. With DSG ECU, it determines the RPM at which the shift of the gears takes place.

Full manual mode – the DSG remapping software forces a gearbox to kick up or down even when in manual mode. Purple Dot custom DSG remapping Leeds gives drivers full control by prevention of auto changing when the gearbox is in manual mode.

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