Coaching for Professionals and Amateurs

After 40 years of racing at the very highest International level of motorsport, Tim Sugden’s 25 year background as a professional racing driver saw him claim hundreds of race wins and many championships all over the world.

For the past fifteen years, Tim has focused his attention on passing his skills and knowledge over to assist other drivers as they look to improve their current standing. Offering dedicated 1 to 1 coaching, Purple Dot Management has worked with all levels of drivers, delivering bespoke support packages to suit each individual driver’s needs.

Whether you’re a young karter, aiming at breaking into F1 or an enthusiast amateur looking for driving coaching, Purple Dot can tailor a tuition package for all levels of driving and budgets accordingly.

Our expert team of professional instructors have many years’ experience of competing within the top-ranks of motor-racing and are equipped with the expertise to advise and provide coaching on every aspect of making a career in motorsport.

Over the past 15 years, Purple Dot has worked with drivers in the following disciplines…

Blancpain GT GT Asia Audi TTCup
FFord WEC Clio
F Renault WTCC British GT
F3 BTCC Palmer Audi
GP2 Renault RSOl BRDCF4
LMES Le Mans Porsche Carrera Cup
Australian V8 Caterham Ginetta Junior

In almost all of the categories mentioned above, our drivers have won races and in many cases have event gone on to win the championship.

Using a track day at a race or airfield circuit for coaching purposes, Purple Dot would set up a programme tailored around improving your specific driving skills.

After a few test laps in the hands of the instructor, the vehicle would then be handed over to the driver with the Purple Dot instructor taking on the role of advisor throughout the day; encouraging and providing constructive feedback during the sessions.

From time to time the instructor would provide demonstration laps to allow the driver to observe how to best achieve the optimum lap time. This enables the driver to compare lap times, crucially helping them to understand the key points of how to re-create the ‘perfect’ lap.

Analysing Driver Data

By fitting the car with a V-Box or data logger, Purple Dot would use this information to illustrate in detail the differences between lap times. Data analysis is a major part of modern motorsport and most racing drivers and even young karters are able to understand data telemetry. Working alongside our instructors, we can help take that understanding to the next level and relate it to the way a good corner and lap feels.

For an inexperienced driver looking to improve their skills, our instructors can breakdown confusing data traces relating to their drive, and used hand-in-hand with on-board media, assist clients to perfect the correct driving technique that delivers significant on-track improvements quickly.

What Gains Can You Expect?

The ultimate question! It’s almost impossible to put a figure against this, with so many variables for each session. However, with Purple Dot’s team of skilled instructors and many years of experience, we would estimate that an amateur driver would gain as much as 3 seconds per lap…much more in many cases.

Similarly, working with an experienced or even professional driver we have often seen gains up to 1 second on a lap.

Without doubt, Purple Dot guarantees that your times will improve.

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