Amateur Racing Driver Coaching

Purple Dot is one of the UK’s leading amateur racing driver coaching providers. We offer in-depth racing driver training, working with drivers of all ages and experience. Our team has 40 years worth of racing experience at the highest level of motorsport and we have spent the last 15 years focussing on passing this knowledge on to amateur drivers looking to compete competitively.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced driver, our coaching methods guarantee you will see results on the track. One of the major ways to improve your performance is through data analysis. We use data loggers to track your lap times accurately and will use this information to provide you with a detailed report on all the ways to improve your driving.

Why choose us for your amateur racing driver coaching

Our coaching services are suitable for all ages, your experience doesn’t matter. Our aim is to speed up the process in improving performance on the track. Firstly, we will take you on a few test laps, and then you will take over the wheel whilst we take on the role of advisor, providing you with feedback throughout the session.

Having a coach will provide a range of benefits, we will shorten your learning curve, help you avoid making mistakes and show you how to get that perfect lap. Our coaching service includes 1 to 1 training, where we will tailor our services around specific driving skills. We have a team of professional instructors with years of experience in coaching so you will see huge results after receiving our coaching services.

Speak with the leading racing driver coaches today!?

Our team is more than happy to provide a range of coaching services. Speak with one of our specialists today by calling 01274 061 484.

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